The Must-Have Leadership Skill – Daniel Goleman – Harvard …

The Must-Have Leadership Skill – Daniel Goleman – Harvard …

Selecting for Important Leadership Abilities

Selecting senior managers for positions of leadership, or selecting during the hiring process, you can’t over-look some of the most important attributes.  It is too easy to concentrate on technical, innovation, problem-solving and strategic skills to name a few. In the end, “people skills” and the art & science of relationship building count the most. A recent example and article in Harvard Business Review illustrates the issues.

“We hired a new CEO, but had to let him go after just seven months,” the chairman of an East Coast think tank complained to me recently. “His resume looked spectacular, he did splendidly in all the interviews. But within a 

There are a number of techniques during the candidate evaluation process to help identify the people and relationship skills.

  • Putting the candidate in social situations like a lunch meeting with your key people to see how they interact.
  • holding a round table discussion with the team so they can give feedback later.
  • During these interactions, does the candidate  inquire about the other person or were they self-engaged in their own issues?

The ability to evaluate a leadership candidates ability to communicate, build relationships and motivate are every bit as important as other more obvious skills and abilities.

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