The 15 Lessons Every Entrepreneur Must Learn: The Wisdom Of…

The 15 Lessons Every Entrepreneur Must Learn: The Wisdom Of…

Where management and leadership are concerned, the entrepreneur is not left out of the equation. The activities of a new business or start-up certainly have their unique characteristics and issues, That said, the management and leadership demands apply. So much focus is aimed at the innovation or unique product or service that the skills needed to execute the business plan and management the enterprise go on the back burner.

In the middle of the economic meltdown that was 2007-2009, James Marshall Reilly noticed a particular new breed of high-minded entrepreneur who, well, didn’t seem to be melting. It was peculiar all right. Not only was this new breed making money hand over fist, they were doing so by trying […]

These 15 skills are golden for increasing the performance of any entrepreneur in any endeavor. Take “Keep your venture tethered to social good and positive culture” as an example. The great entrepreneurs are givers. They take their management abilities and leadership and invest in making a contribution. It is this world view of the greater good that often adds motivation to achieving success.  If you are more successful you can do more good things.

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