Receiving feedback with grace and dignity

Receiving feedback with grace and dignity

One of the hardest traits for successful managers and executives to develop is the ability to receive constructive criticism and feedback.  It is at the heart of the most successful leaders.

Why is feedback so hard to accept?

“Most leaders don’t really want honest feedback, don’t ask for it and don’t get much of it unless it’s forced on them. It is because they really cannot handle the truth. And, knowing how unpleasant it might be, most leaders in positions of substantial

To be authentic is to face the truth about yourself as seen by others and that can be a soul-shattering experience in a job where you want to be admired and revered. The gap between their reality and your self-image can be the cause of great frustration and even failure in key relationships across the organisation.”

Leaders need to be open to feedback and even “curious” about what others are thinking.  This is a strength,

“It is important for business leaders to be ‘curious’ about the feedback and not take it too personally or be defensive about it. By being curious and wondering about how others perceive them is a good way to learn – even if it doesn’t resonate with their own views. “


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