Managing People Means Talent Development

Managing People Means Talent Development

The Talent Development Problem

Talent development is a significant competitive advantage and is is gained when an organization, whether a large company or small business, thinks, plan and executes around fully developing the talent they have. This seems so obvious but the surveys  and studies paint a different picture. Until organizations step back and see not only the benefits of a commitment to talent management and the competitive landscape for talent they will not fully reach their potential. Take a look at some important data on talent development.

talent development

It could not be any more obvious that many organizations have a long way to go to make the training and development of their people the level of focus and importance needed to unlock the productivity and performance gains they seek. It is a bit of a mystery that the percentage of organizations actively involved in this remains below any reasonable norm.  The usual rationale for a lack of focus concern budgets, lack or resources, business demands, etc. When the top competition in a given industry or market niche outperform because “they just have better people”, where do you think that started?

Top performing companies have top performing people and top performing management. Top Performance = Talent Development. It is the culturally imbedded , day-to-day execution of a strategic belief in developing the best people possible.

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