Leadership Styles : The One Percent

Leadership Styles : The One Percent

An organization appoint leaders at the top and throughout the various business units. These  have demonstrated success in prior positions and endeavors and have the backing of the companies they serve. The problem becomes one of situation leadership. When the organization or business unit finds themselves facing a tough situation, and it calls for a different set of leadership qualities, it is the individuals versatility that can win the day. We found and interesting article on three styles that will call this issue to task.

Leadership Styles. BUSINESS LEADERS. To be a successful leader in business you need to first identify what type of leader you are going to be. As we discussed in our column about teamwork, having a strong leader is imperative to the overall success of the team and will ultimately tie to the success of your business. As I looked at three of the most popular types of leadership styles I realized how close they assimilate themselves to three different types of athletic pursuits. All three styles differ from each other, but they all share one common goal; reaching the finish line.

Leadership at the Top MOUNTAIN CLIMBER

 No problem getting you to the Summit

Always found carrying a heavy pack filled with a survival kit and enough rations to weather an unexpected storm. These individuals generally look only one or two steps ahead and take cautious strides to ensure good footing and a firm foundation before moving forward.

Leadership Style | Slow and methodical in their decision making process they will often seek the input of others to ensure they are making the best decision for the team. Although they often become a gatekeeper to a company’s short term success, their thoughtfulness and desire to create a firm foundation can lead to the long term success of reaching the summit.

Best Served | Will find success in a company looking to preserve a reputation and ensure the maximum profitability for their stakeholders. Do not expect this type of person to be successful leading the next great start-up or in an environment of creativity.

Risk | The absolute bare minimum


Cover of "Prefontaine"

Has there ever been a better runner than Prefontaine?

Runners generally travel light to ensure that they are not slowed by heavy baggage. Their focus is a delicate balance between focusing on the present while ultimately ensuring that they look to the future to ensure they reach their final destination.

Leadership Style | Runners are willing to make quick decisions while keeping their eye on the future to ensure they avoid any possible obstacles or dead ends.  They will often seek the input of others but mainly to ensure that everyone is on board with the plan that is being pursued. Their willingness to take unforeseen turns to avoid obstacles makes them versatile leaders and at times, exciting to work for.

Best Served | A true ameba, this leadership style will allow someone to find success in both the start-up world as well as in an established company. Continued long-term success may be hard to come by as runners often like to keep moving and find new challenges.

Risk | Required risk that will ensure that they meet their ultimate goal.

 See the other styles described in this article here http://onepercentfortheplanet.org/2013/10/leadership-styles/

This point has been made before but bears repeating...”leadership styles is all about adaptation.” The style of leadership described as “mountain climber” may be perfect for dogged determination to reach the goal but what if the situation calls for quickly moving onto a new challenge like a “runner style.? The skill set must be adapted. So, the flexibility, awareness and commitment to flex to the situation are key aspects of successful leaders.


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