Leadership Development Plan Example |5 Skills You Must Acquire

Leadership Development Plan Example |5 Skills You Must Acquire

A Leadership Plan for Growth Needs 5 Key Skills

Then you are looking for examples of a leadership plan, any valid one would do well to include 5 specific skills.  There are many skills and characteristics, being truly proactive versus the norm of being reactive. Take a look…

“One surefire way that I’ve found to increase anyone’s forward momentum is developing the individual’s leadership potential. But it takes some skill and hard work to pull off being a leader. Chances are, you’re already leading in some area of your life

One of the keys to being a good leader is having the ability to reflect back on decisions made and look at situations, whether good or bad, as lessons.

Once you’ve done so, you can actively apply what you’ve learned. Taking mistakes or failures in stride and moving forward is an essential part of becoming a leader of integrity.”

A plan for leadership includes skills but it also includes maximizing the natural leadership style that a manager, owner or executive possesses.  To a great extent, the style with which you lead is how your skills get translated.  In developing your plan for leadership growth, spend time figuring out how to maximize the benefit of your natural style.

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