How to Improve Listening Skills – 3 Quick Tips

How to Improve Listening Skills – 3 Quick Tips

Improving Listening Skills Is a Key Management Advantage

Every manager knows and has heard many times how important effective communications are to success in leading a business unit.  Too often there are two factors that undermine the effectiveness of communications. The first is lack of specific skills that substantively boost effectiveness. The second, and most troubling, is the “authority assumption.” It is the “I am the boss so my people will listen and carryout the assignments.  Really? There is no excuse for this to exist. Any manager desiring to build the very best high-productivity team must effectively delegate. Clarity and communication effectiveness are core competencies. take a look at some quick tips…

“Get The Public Speaker’s take on how to listen effectively. Learn why listening is so important and how to master the art of listening.

How to Improve Listening Skills

He felt strongly that listening skills needed to be taught and practiced, and this was my father’s technique for teaching us these critical skills. He would say just because you have two ears on the side of your head doesn’t mean you automatically know how to listen.

He’s right. Effective listening is something that needs to be learned. Especially, today we work and live in busy environments. We practice tuning-out, not tuning-in.

Want more information on how to improve your listening skills

Three Steps to Effective Listening Skills

Step 1: Tune in. Tuning in, of course, is the very first step to effective listening. In order to be a successful listener you must be physically and mentally prepared to tune in. For me, this means aligning my body with the other person and maintaining eye contact–giving him or her my undivided attention.

It also means turning off any mind chatter. Sometimes I’m still thinking about something else and I arrive late to the listening. Or sometimes, I start listening, but before my conversation partner finishes, I begin planning what I am going to say in response. Or worse, I pass judgment and think, “This isn’t important. This is stupid” and I stop listening. Good listeners suspend judgment and wait until the other person is finished before they create a response. If you feel like you might forget a point just take notes.”  Find out about 2 other techniques…Quick Listening skills Tips


Granted, these techniques while very effective require both a commitment and practice. Many managers will say,’yes, I see the value here’ but go on their merry way. If nothing happens to improve their skills for communication with their people, then nothing happens to move the team toward best-in-class performance. Can managers afford this mistake?

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