Evidence Series Part 6: Picture Matching – Improve Memory

Evidence Series Part 6: Picture Matching – Improve Memory

Almost every manager or leader I know is multi-tasking, stressed, strained and pushed to the red-line many days.  Part of what happens here is the strength of memory in communication and relationships.  We found a very interesting article that most of us can gain important insights from…

“Visuospatial skills are utilized constantly throughout your day, but you might not realize it until you lose them, as with so many cognitive and communicative skills. Can you remember exactly the visual appearance of your …

Klingberg, T., Training and plasticity of working memory. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 2010. 14(7): p. 317-324.

  • Big Picture: This article is a great overview of training working memory, and discusses the importance of training working memory and attention through specific tasks. It also explains that this training actually translates to other activities aside from the specific training tasks themselves – which means that the work you do in therapy REALLY DOES help in real life tasks!”

To the extent that effective communications in leading people is important, this information is worth a close look.

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