Disruptive Technologies in People Management A Part of Leadership Skills

Disruptive Technologies in People Management A Part of Leadership Skills

Technology Also Changes Leadership Skills

Today, managers and executives are faced with a growing number of new technologies that affect how their business units operate. Technology creates the necessity for change management every bit as much as some strategic changes. Whether through a mangers efforts, or supported by HR, leading the change to adapt new technology is important. It’s an important leadership quality.  We found a good article on the subject…

“Hay Group’s David Smith talks about disruptive technologies in people management and how HR has the chance to lead this change to empower line managers. 

I was reading an article recently about the latest set of ‘disruptive technologies’ about to change our world. A disruptive technology or innovation can be defined as “an innovation that creates a new market by applying a different set of values, which ultimately (and unexpectedly) overtakes an existing market”. This is a quote I picked up from Wikipedia by the way, not a copy of the Encyclopaedia Britannica (remember that?  A part of our lives for 244 years until 2012 when print production stopped).

Some of the inventions I was reading about sounded like something out of a science-fiction movie.  For instance, did you know that scientists are inventing ‘facial coding’ systems to measure our emotional response to TV commercials?” Learn more at Hay Group… 

Technology Affects the Leadership Landscape

leadership developmentPlacing technology tools in the hands of managers can be a big productivity booster. To integrate and apply technology requires training, re-goaling, new measurements and applications. This is major change in many cases. McKinsey, a consultancy, points to the technology advances as a major factor in altering the business and leadership playing field.

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