Discover Methods to Network on LinkedIn

Discover Methods to Network on LinkedIn

Leadership and Management are based on Networking

It is widely understood that networking is the life blood of professionals and managers in most industries…but, do you really work on it as part of your plans for advancement? LinkedIn has become a fertile ground for serious networking.  The more you know about how to employ LinkedIn the better your connections will be. Here is an article from Work that discussed 7 key methods for effective networking…

“Getting to know people in real life may be easy, but connecting with complete strangers online in hopes of gaining something from the exchange can be quite challenging.

It’s funny how every other advice-giver seems to love saying, “Make sure you network,” or “Try building connections,” without offering other pieces of crucial information concerning how on earth to do that!

The advice, it seems, is usually incomplete.

Every other Bob and Barbara knows that the networking game plays a major role when it comes to professions or career advancement.

What they can’t seem to figure out is how to approach a random stranger online and actually get them to trust what they have to say.

Countless professionals receive messages and emails everyday asking for them for their help, advice or just an opportunity to connect. Yet, not every message or email they receive will be responded to.

Then what makes professionals notice a person they are actually willing to connect with? That’s exactly what we are going to discuss today. Here are seven tips for connecting with strangers on LinkedIn.

1. Conduct a Background Check

I don’t mean that you’re going to be suspicious of this person’s activities in the past. If so, you should be thinking twice about connecting.

I mean that before you approach the individual you should complete a thorough investigation on the person. Who are they? How did you get to know them?

Is there any other information you can gather about this person through their blog, website, books, interviews, pictures, profiles or works? Once you’ve done your homework, you’re all set to approach this person with informed and intelligent things to say.

2. Refer to Something in Common

This trick works well even in real-life situations. You want to connect to a stranger? Find out something you have in common.

Naturally, we assume that if a person who shares the same/similar traits, beliefs, values, skills or experiences, we’re better connected. Perhaps, we feel we can relate to this person and receive or provide advice on the subject.

Whatever the reason, leading with something in common is a great way to strike up a conversation with a stranger and actually get their attention.

3. Get to the Point—Fast

People are busy. They have jobs to do, chores to attend to, people to spend time with and other numerous errands to run. Wasting the individuals time by going on and on about how you found them or background information on yourself is only going to annoy them.

Keep it short and get to the point — fast.

Want to Win? Use LinkedIn.

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