Discover 6 Tips to Work More Efficiently

Discover 6 Tips to Work More Efficiently

Photo / Pixabay / CC BY CCO Public Domain 

Productivity can result form improved efficiency

There is somewhat of an age old point and counter point between “effectiveness vs. efficiency. For many, effectiveness is Kink but perhaps we should look again at how efficiency can help.  Take a look…

“Organization: The eternal enemy of employees. Of everyone really. Getting organized would mean extra input of effort and work. “Why would I do that? I get my work done.”

Efficiency is the answer.

Imposing organizational strategies will make you work more efficiently, prevent headaches and will let you display your work at a glance.

We can’t force everyone into good habits — some have work-load chaos deeply rooted within them — but for those seeking improvement, these tips will be of great value.

1. Proper Storage is Key

A proper way to store and manage your data is crucial to achieve transparency. Databases and spreadsheets are great if you are handling a large amounts of unified data.

However work items, assignments and projects are handled more effectively in a visual manner. The basic concept of visual management is simply a visual representation of your work flow and business processes.

We are all familiar with post-it notes and how messy they can get unless we introduce a proper system. A structured board will allow you to place your cards or post-it notes in process stages and easily identify each one’s status.”

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