Charisma – The Skill That A Great Religious Leader A Great Leader

Charisma – The Skill That A Great Religious Leader A Great Leader

No matter your religious preference, there is much to be learned about highly effective leadership by studying the abilities that Jesus demonstrated. in a very compelling article on, the communication skills and what it meant to be a “tekton.”

Charisma says religious scholar Reza Aslan. Thats where his power came from. A tekton was a day laborer. A tekton is the kind of guy who hangs out in front of Home Depot waiting for a truck to come by to get a job. He would go from city to city looking for work. You’re talking about the poorest of the poor, illiterate, uneducated. Despite all that, (Jesus) was able to start this movement on behalf of the poor, the weak, the marginalized, and the dispossessed that ultimately led to this confrontation with Rome.

A manager who can “talk about the needs of his people”, his business team, will be a communicator and a motivator. Taking important ideas, creating the clarity of an image and connecting those closely to your business team will drive results. It is so basic and that is why it is often over-looked. Ome of the greatest communicators of all time is the example to follow. Much of the effective communications employed by Jesus was by the use of parables. We found and intgeresting article on this topic that has much to sharfe with managers at all levels.

How would Jesus frame his parables today?

In an article entitled Teaching the Parables to a Post-Modern Society: Recontextualising the Parables, Samuel Lamerson claims that ‘It is not enough simply to repeat the stories, they must be recast in new and exciting ways. It is through this recasting that the stories will gain the “shock of recognition” that was so typical of the preaching of our Lord.’ He emphasizes the need to know the ‘first horizon’ in which Jesus’ parables were heard, but also to understand the ‘second horizon’, the situation in which they are heard today.

 Whether by a “parable” or a real life example or story, managers can lead and motivate better by this type of communication

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