10 Leadership Styles In 2011 & Beyond You Need To Know

10 Leadership Styles In 2011 & Beyond You Need To Know

Successful leadership styles surfaced as a topic of concern for all businesses as the global economy unfolded and advanced in 2011. Companies began to realize that changes were needed to deal with the complexities and diversity of an ever changing workforce. We uncovered an article from the 2011 topic of the various styles of leadership that were evolving and it is relevant today…

“2011 has seen a seismic shift in leadership styles.  As with all shifts, there are examples of ground-breaking, innovative techniques while also contrasted by demonstrations of maddening approaches to people.

The 10 Leadership Styles are the following:


  • The Champion – This type of leader not only recognizes the value of those on his/her team, but helps them understand their individual platforms.  The Champion Leader then goes a step further and helps increase their individual visibility.   This leader is not afraid of losing the employee as they understand that with the employee’s increased visibility comes increased visibility for the organization.

  • The Creationist – Many leaders have good ideas.  However, a good idea unrealized is a daydream.  You cannot have creativity without creation.  The Creationist Leader not only has quality ideas, but also the ability to see them realized.

  • The Friend – Relationships is the new currency of great organizations.  Relational leaders are best positioned to not only attract and retain quality talent, but to also increase their client base.  People skills are more important than education or skill.

To learn more about all 10 styles, visit this article…


The shift in style and emphasis continues into 2013 and beyond. When core fundamentals change and evolve with the global economy, some will be drastic departures, different in skill and emphasis when managing people and the ability to successfully manage and execute projects and business unit direction. The important take-away for business and industry leaders working to change with the times with management and leadership adaptation, is to closely track the relationship between results and the leadership style that produced them.


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